Technical and Management

Division 2 Aluminum & Light Metals

The Aluminum Division has no standing committees, but includes three task groups. The groups do not meet independently. The division meets as a whole and each task group reports as an agenda item. Work in each area is done by a single committee members or small working groups. 


The primary activity of the Executive/Programming task group is to plan, organize, administer and implement the necessary committees with the technical disciplines required in the advancement of the fields of knowledge related to aluminum casting. Responsible for the preparation of the technical program for the Aluminum Division for the annual meeting of the Society. Secures papers and speakers with the responsibility for the review and acceptance as prescribed by the rules and regulations of the committee.  


Process and Properties Task Group

Develop programs and disseminate technical information on process and property relationships for cast aluminum alloy engineered structural castings applied in all market sectors.


Permanent Mold Practices Task Group

To discuss, investigate and evaluate subjects pertinent to the permanent molding of aluminum. To maintain awareness of state-of-the-art for this subject. To disseminate pertinent information to the industry.


Cast Metal Matrix Composite Task Group

The purpose of this committee is to promote the technical advancement, successful development and commercial application of cast metal matrix composite materials. As specific goals, the committee shall establish common terminology, develop quality control standards, develop processing guidelines, develop material specifications, identify critical technical needs, and exchange technical information.


Steve Robison
Senior Technical Director
847/824-0181 x227

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