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U. S. Department of Energy - Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) / Energy-Saving Melting and Revert Reduction (E-SMARRT)-Cast Metals Consortium Program

The Department of Energy program under its Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) supported various R&D projects to promote energy efficiency through SCRA and its partners that included the Energy-Saving Melting and Revert Reduction (E-SMARRT)-  CMC (Cast Metals Coalition) lead program.   The CMC consisted of AFS, NADCA, SFSA and performing research organizations. The nine-year technical program ended March 31, 2014.

The Final Reports from the projects are listed below and  available on the E-SMARRT web site by following this link, which also includes access to  Program Overview and Project Descriptions.

Reports are also available at the Office of Science and Technical Information (OSTI) at:  (Search E-SMARRT).

Task 2.1    Melting Efficiency in Die Casting Operations

Task 2.2    Melting Efficiency Improvement

Task 3.1    Clean Steel Casting Production

Task 3.4    Improved Die Casting Process to Preserve the Life of the Inserts

Task 3.5    Development of Thin Section Zinc Die Casting Technology

Task 3.7    Design Support for Tooling Optimization

Task 3.8    Manufacturing Advanced Engineered Components Using Lost Foam Casting Technology

Task 3.9    Simulation of Distortion and Residual Stress Development During Heat Treatment of Steel Castings

Task 3.10    Simulation of Dimensional Changes and Hot Tears During Solidification of Steel Castings

Task 3.11    Precision Casting of Steel

Task 3.12    Innovative Semi-Solid Metal (SSM) Processing

Task 3.13.2    Predicting Pattern Tooling and Casting Dimension for Investment Casting

Task 3.14    Light Metals Permanent Mold Casting

Task 4.1    Energy Efficiency Instrumentation

Task 5.1    Development of Surface Engineered Coasting Systems for Aluminum Pressure Die Casting Dies:Towards Smart Die Coating

Task 5.3    Casting Porosity-Free Grain Refined Magnesium Alloys

Task 5.6    Development of CCT Diagrams

Task 5.7    Optimization of Heat Treatments on Stainless Steel Castings for Improved Corrosion Resistance and Mechanical Properties

Task 5.8    Mechanical Performance of Dies

Task 5.10    Surface Near Surface Indications

Task 5.11    Aging of Graphitic Cast Irons and Machinability

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