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Metalcasting businesses can improve their bottom line with a membership at AFS. The society offers several programs to provide guidance and resources for energy management, human relations, environmental and safety concerns, government advocacy, marketing presence, casting and metallurgical questions and casting design. Through sponsored research and development, AFS is committed to advancing the industry toward better castings, better productivity and better profitability. AFS also holds conferences throughout the year on industry issues, such as melting, energy management, molding methods, alloy advancements, HR updates, and government affairs.

Tech and Research Updates

Ongoing Research & Development

Support of research is critical for North America to maintain a strong, vibrant, healthy and continually advancing metalcasting industry. Part of the AFS mission is to promote these activities for the betterment of our membership, industry and society.

AFS directly funds research projects from a portion of the annual dues paid by AFS Corporate Membership. The current AFS-Funded Research Projects are described below. Other projects are funded through research partnerships, government funding and industry contributions. AFS participates in these projects by securing industry partners and providing technical management and oversight.

These are examples of AFS-funded research:

  1. Optimizing Mechanical Properties of Cast Aluminum Alloys – A319 & A356 (Phase I/Phase II) – CWRU
  2. Ductile & CG Iron Casting Skin – Evaluation, Effect on Fatigue Strength & Elimination Phase II
  3. Development of Core Gas Venting Guidelines Phase II
  4. Studies of a Quenched Cupola Part IV: Behavior of Coke
  5. Magnesium Melt Cleanliness
  6. Veining Reduction Project – Thermo-Mechanical Approach
  7. New Approaches to Clay Control in Green Sand – Phase II
  8. Identifying, Implementing and Sustaining Energy Savings
  9. Influence of Mn and S on the Properties of Cast Iron

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