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AFS works closely with suppliers to the metalcasting industry to advance the processes, equipment, materials and quality of castings through committee and research project involvement, conferences and classes. Suppliers can reach the industry via several avenues, including CastExpo, MODERN CASTING's online Buyer's Guide, and MODERN CASTING magazine and website. Our directory of metalcasters serves as a lead-generating resource. Foster your company's future growth with our Metalcasting Forecast and Trends reports and through participation in AFS Committees.


  • March 2 – 2, 2017 : Green Sand Molding 101 #26-17

    This course is an introduction to the green sand molding process used within a metalcasting facility. Discussion will include terminology, types of sands used, the mold making process, using and ma

  • March 8 – 9, 2017 : Nobake Molding & Coremaking 201 #27-17

    This two-day course is the second course in the nobake series, providing participants with the next level of knowledge related to the nobake molding and coremaking processes used within a foundry

  • March 14 – 14, 2017 : Copper 101 #28-17

    This course provides participants an introduction covering the characteristics and properties of copper, alloying elements and their general applications, and considerations for working with copper

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