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EPA Cement Reports

July 27, 2010

Study on Increasing the Usage of Recovered Mineral Components in Federally Funded Projects Involving Procurement of Cement or Concrete, EPA 530-R-08-007, June 2008
One of the provisions of the 2004 transportation authorization bill, SAFETEA-LU, was a mandated study of the barriers and opportunities for the use of recovered mineral components in cement and concrete.  The primary materials considered were steel industry slags, coal fly ash, and silica fume.  Foundry sand was another industrial byproduct whose potential for reuse was evaluated by EPA in this report.

EPA Sector Report: Cement Sector: Trends in Beneficial Use of Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials (October 2008 Draft.)
For a number of years, U.S. EPA maintained an industry sector program within the former National Center for Environmental Innovation (NCEI).  Both the cement industry and the metalcasting industry were among the industrial sectors that worked with EPA in voluntary partnerships to promote better environmental performance.  In 2004, EPA co-sponsored a meeting with the Portland Cement Association (PCA) looking at cross-sector opportunities.  This draft report summarizes some of the opportunities explored in that meeting and in subsequent conversations with industry representatives.