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Thresher Industries Expands in Asia, Says Midwest Metalcasting Site Closer

August 29, 2007

Released on August 22, 2007

Thresher Industries, Hanford, Calif., signed a memorandum of understanding with an undisclosed consortium of Korean companies to build an alloy making plant, and an executive at the company says it has not given up on finding a site for a Midwestern metalcasting plant.

The company announced in May that it was considering locations for a new metalcasting facility in Michigan, while at the same time opening a new office in Korea. With the Korean connection developing quickly, the U.S.-based metalcasting facility has yet to be finalized.

“The [Midwestern facility] is moving forward, based on customer commitments,” said Tom Flessner, president and CEO of Thresher. “As we see the customer ramp up, we’re moving forward with that facility.”

Flessner declined to name the customer, which he said is a transmission component manufacturer. According to the Thresher chief, the company will be doing all of the metalcasting for the unnamed company in the near future.

The joint venture established in Korea is still pending a contract, but Flessner said it would result in a new facility producing metal matrix composites. The materials will be shipped to Pacific Rim customers in the nuclear and automotive industries, among others.

Thresher currently provides conventional cast aluminum and reinforced metal matrix composite aluminum alloy components to a variety of customers and applications from its California-based facilities.