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Timken Brings Metalcasting In-House

June 13, 2007

Released on Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Timken Co., Canton, Ohio, has added a casting operation at the company's new facility in Mesa, Ariz., which produces aerospace aftermarket components.

According to a company press release, the new casting line makes Timken the only supplier in the aerospace aftermarket with the full capability to produce its own castings. The casting equipment was installed at a facility that also includes design, machining, heat treating, finishing and testing operations. The new line will be used to manufacture turbine blades, vanes, nozzles and turbine engine hardware for the aerospace aftermarket.

"This strategic investment is another move to differentiate ourselves in how we bring value to customers," said Barry Stonehouse, general manager of Timken's aerospace aftermarket solutions. "By drawing on Timken's metallurgical expertise, we have further strengthened our position in a market where other suppliers have been constrained by the need to rely on limited external casting sources."

The new operation employs investment casting and has brought in managers and technicians with casting experience.

"By bringing investment casting capability in-house, we attain better quality and can participate more closely in the casting design process to optimize efficient manufacturing," said Pete Patriquin, operations manager at the Mesa facility.

Because Timken no longer depends on third-party casting sources, the company has reduced production time by gaining total control over this critical raw material source. In addition, the size and technical breadth of the casting operation creates potential capacity to respond to future market growth and new product development.

The casting operation occupies 20,000 sq. ft., or nearly one-quarter of the 85,000-sq.-ft. Mesa facility, which opened in October. The casting operation began production in December.