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FEF Scholarships Awarded to Michigan Tech Students

February 16, 2012

The scholarships were awarded to a group of students involved in the Advanced Metalworks Enterprise (AME) Program, which encourages student interest in metalcasting. A point-based system was used to determine award recipients. Students earned points through leadership in AME or within a project, a peer evaluation rating and involvement in outreach or service.  The total scholarship amount ranged from $8,000-10,000 and was divided among the students based on the points received.

“Rather than hand out the scholarships to seniors on a performance basis, I wanted to move the awards to an earlier stage so that it works to influence students.” said Dr. Paul Sanders, Professor of Materials Science at Michigan Technological University.

The student-run program assigns students real-world projects, giving participants the opportunity to learn leadership and project management skills. Sophomores, juniors and seniors participate in the program and are eligible to receive the scholarship.