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AFS translates popular e-Learning module into Spanish

November 9, 2017

The first Spanish-language AFS e-Learning training module is now available, AFS and the Institute announced today.

The first module, Prácticas Básicas de Fusión para Hierro, is available at the AFS Store right now. It explains the different melting and pouring processes of cast iron, inspection methods, and quality testing entirely in Spanish. It is available for immediate use and training of foundry personnel.

“We are excited to meet the industry’s requested need for translations of e-Learning modules,” said Shelly Dutler, the Director of the AFS Institute. “We have 21 more of our most popular skills-based modules coming very soon in Spanish. The second module will be available later this month. I want to emphasize that we are offering free on-line sessions to demonstrate the convenience and effectiveness of AFS e-Learning. You have to see how this works to know how convenient and effective e-Learning is.”  

With the help of native-language foundry experts, AFS translated the popular AFS e-Learning module, Basic Melt Practices for Cast Iron, for Spanish-speaking metalcasters.

The second translated module, Compactación de Arena Verde, will be available later this month.

Additional modules in cast iron, green sand, and casting defect analysis will be released in the next six months while even more are in development.

Prácticas Básicas de Fusión para Hierro retails for $100. AFS Members receive a discounted price of $50.

Free demonstrations are offered with no obligation and take only 20 minutes. In a demonstration, you’ll experience how AFS e-Learning can be a tremendous resource for training your staff.

For more information on scheduling your no-obligation demonstration, please contact Neal Bender at 847-824-0181 or