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Alcast Purchases Fairfield Aluminum

October 6, 2017

Alcast Company (Peoria, Illinois) announced the purchase of Fairfield Aluminum Castings Company in Fairfield, Iowa (FALCO) along with assuming the Clarence, Missouri, property.

Alcast is a permanent mold foundry located in Peoria, Illinois, with a sand casting operation in Galesburg, Illinois.

Alcast is rebranding FALCO by changing the name to Alcast Company Midwest Works LLC (Alcast-MW).

“Alcast-MW will be financially healthy immediately through significant capitalization with no bank debt existing on the company financial statements,” Alcast said in a news release.

“Our intentions with Alcast-MW are to mend customer relationships, invest in updating the machinery and equipment, and invest in our people through training and foundry education. We plan to grow the business to better serve existing customers and new customers,” said Steve Wessels, president, Alcast. “We believe current FALCO customers will benefit greatly from Alcast’s influence on FALCO’s current processes and offering the alternative of producing castings on the Alcast proprietary, electro-magnetic casting process.”