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E-Learning Provides Just-In-Time Metalcasting Skills Training to Growing Number of Foundries

June 23, 2017

The AFS Institute e-Learning program has more than tripled the number of modules since its launch on July 1, 2016.  Over the course of this past year, our catalog has expanded to 65 modules in 11 categories from the original 20 modules in four categories. AFS members, like you, helped us accomplish this incredible amount of work through volunteering their time and metalcasting expertise.  Knowledge transfer from one generation to the next is happening now and it’s rewarding to be a part of that.

E-learning can achieve your workforce development goals. It is an essential component of a thoughtful, long-term plan for developing a skilled workforce across your organization. This past year, subscribers to our e-learning program have reported using introductory metalcasting modules in their new hire training plans across all departments of their organization, shop floor, sales, engineering, etc. E-learning subscribers have also set up computer access and time for the shop floor staff to learn new technical skills. As we continue to develop new modules in the coming year, those skills will grow in content as well as complexity.  

E-learning delivers new skills on your timeline. E-learning is ready when you are.  Learn new or refresh existing but dormant skills exactly when you need them. My favorite examples are the modules teaching the proper methods and evaluation for the AFS Mold & Core Tests.  Wouldn’t it be great for a new sand tech to complete the simulated test procedure in e-learning before performing the test in the lab?  It’s also great for us old sand techs who may not have performed that test in awhile. Industry experts have also added real world guidelines for evaluating test results.
E-learning fits your budget. We offer individual module access and subscription plans. Need one skill accessed by one student one time? Individual modules fit that need. Our subscribers implemented e-learning across departments and to additional staff because it’s economical. With a subscription, all employees at one location have all access, all year long.  

E-learning is interactive and engaging (and fun). Skills development requires not just knowledge, but the ability to perform a task. AFS e-learning modules provide interactive opportunities to be engaged with the content. We receive feedback that students are enjoying the learning process. New skills are developed and tested providing correction as needed in a simulated environment.

To learn more about e-Learning, call Neal Bender at 847-824-0181 ext. 213