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Master Metalcasting Basics with Publications from the AFS Bookstore

March 10, 2017

Depending on the level of learning, AFS has a variety of books to help you learn, or refresh certain aspects, of metalcasting.

Designing & Purchasing of Metal Castings

The Technical staff of AFS and the editorial staff of MetalCasting Design & Purchasing, produced a one-stop reference resource on how to design and procure metal castings. Information was gleaned from various sources: MetalCasting Design & Purchasing magazine, the annual Casting Source Directory, consultations with expert design engineers, procurement people and the AFS Technical team, and original text never published before. This one-of-a-kind reference is sure to come in handy time and time again, not only for designers and purchasing agents, but also for foundry personnel that will appreciate the straight-forward manner of information on processes and alloys.

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Metalcasting Principles & Techniques, by Yury Lerner and P.N. Rao

This textbook is comprised of teaching and lecture material developed during many decades at the university level as part of manufacturing/metallurgical curriculum. Its objective is to serve as a primary textbook for the beginners- undergraduate students at Universities, the educational program of the metalcasting industry at the college level, vocational schools, community colleges, four-year technology schools and traditional engineering school students. The book is also recommended as instructional tool for metalcasting facilities to train new employees, for suppliers to learn more about metalcasting and for libraries as reference material. The material summarizes known basics and complements them with the latest developments in all areas of metalcasting technique, technology and quality testing.

Dr. Yury Lerner, is Professor Emeritus of Technology, University of Northern Iowa, and Dr. P.N. Rao, is a Professor of Technology, University of Northern Iowa

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