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Committee Involvement Adds Value to Your Membership

February 23, 2017

By Rich Jefferson, Vice President Marketing & Communications

Why does a business leader like you value your membership in AFS?

You value being a key part of the AFS community, a group that has been focused on the innovations and health of metalcasting for more than 100 years.    
With AFS magazines Modern Casting and Metal Casting Design & Purchasing, you can count on increasing your industry knowledge base. And it does not matter what kind of stakeholder you are, whether you are a metalcaster, supplier, buyer, designer, part specifier, student, or professor.

You know the face-to-face networking at AFS events is invaluable for keeping your business on the cutting edge. AFS has great events like CastExpo, the Metalcasting Congress, the Supply Chain and Supplier Summits, and more.

And you just never know who you’re going to meet and what you’re going to learn at an AFS event.  

AFS offers great value in education. With AFS’ extensive technical offerings and the Institute, you have a panoply of educational choices. And, with the Institute’s e-Learning program, you can learn anytime and anywhere you have a laptop and an internet connection.
And there is the opportunity to join your voice with others, presenting a unified business front to Washington policy makers who need to understand the negative influence of too much regulation. These are all excellent reasons for being an active member of AFS.

However, there is another powerful way to get even more from your AFS membership. By participating in a committee, you can be directly involved with the movers and shakers directing all of these great association services.

As a committee member, you are:

• In the vanguard for reviewing industry trends.
• Ahead of the curve in assessing and guiding relevant technological, research and management issues.
• Playing a role in planning and executing technology and information transfer to AFS member companies.
• Positioned to be one of the first to hear about innovative technologies coming online in metalcasting.

Candor and open discussion about technical issues and management issues make AFS committees unique. In committee meetings, metalcasting stakeholders tackle thorny issues together. And working together builds and strengthens our industry.

The leading metalcasting research and development occurs in the context of AFS technical committees.
The AFS committee structure is organized to provide focused attention to specific industry segments. These include metals, casting processes, plant operations and management, environmental health and safety, advocacy, marketing, government affairs, technological innovations, and research.
The AFS Research Board evaluates proposals for funding and provides feedback to the sponsoring technical committees.  

In recent months, committees have produced conferences on the new silica standard, environmental health and safety issues, additive manufacturing, human resources and marketing.

AFS committees develop the technical program for the annual AFS Metalcasting Congress and develop and implement seminars, workshops and conferences on a variety of topics.

The Government Affairs committee is a key player in developing the AFS advocacy agenda. AFS assists with our advocacy efforts by becoming a technical resource on key legislative proposals, guidance documents and rulemakings. For example, AFS committee members have provided technical input to EPA and OSHA on various issues that directly impact the foundry industry. That covers the silica regulations, interpretation of various standards, and use of copper alloy casting use in potable water applications.

At this moment, AFS committees are considering alternatives to silica sand because of the new rule. In light of this, now is the time to be sure to at least join the Government Affairs Committee in Washington for face-to-face meetings with your elected representatives at the June 20-21 Fly-In. AFS is active on Capitol Hill year-round, but at the Fly-In you will have the opportunity to talk directly to Congress yourself.

If you are an AFS member, you can participate with an AFS committee. Some of the management committees have a fixed number of seats, so you’ll want to get in touch with us today.

Be sure to look for the featured committee in each new issue of Modern Casting. AFS committees are a great resource for you and your company.  Don’t leave this resource untapped.

For more information or to attend a meeting, call the Technical Department at 800-537-4237 x246 or contact AFS Technical Assistant Laura Kasch at