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AFS Announces Holiday Sale on Publications

November 16, 2016

Until November 30, AFS is offering 20% off most of its publications!

At checkout use promo code: AFSNov16

Get a jump start on holiday shopping and enhance your metalcasting learning today. Take advantage of the sale on EHS, ferrous, non-ferrous, molding, metalcasting basics, wall charts and more.

AFS holding sale on the following publications.

Metalcasting Ergonomics 2nd Edition
Hearing Loss Prevention in Metalcasting
AFS Health & Safety Guides
Abrasion-Resistant Cast Iron Handbook
Introduction to Gray Cast Iron Processing
Basic Concepts of Ferrous Metallurgy
Gray Iron Book and Chart Set
Iron Castings Engineering Handbook
Proceedings from the Carl Loper Cast Iron Symposium, May 2009 CD
Best Practices In Ductile Iron: Markets & Specs/Research & New Developments
Best Practices in Ductile Iron: Melting & Charge Materials, Parts 1 & 2
Best Practices in Ductile Iron: Filtration/Gating & Risering
Best Practices in Ductile Iron: Quality Assurance
Best Practices in Ductile Iron Workshop: Special Irons & Austempering
Ductile Iron Handbook
Ductile Iron Chart and Handbook Set
Cupola Handbook 6th Edition
Best Practices in Ductile Iron Workshop DVD Set
Quality Control Systems in the Foundry
Technology of Metalcasting
Principles of Sand Control
Metalcasting Dictionary, 2nd Edition
Lost Foam Casting Made Simple
Casting Defects Handbook: Iron & Steel
Casting Defects HB and Gas Porosity Chart Set
Concise Castings: A Casting Workshop Lecture
Casting Defects Handbook: Copper & Copper-Base Alloys
Casting Defects Handbook: Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys
Implementing Manufacturing Process Automation in Metalcasting Facilities
Manual de defectos de fundicion: aleaciones no-ferrosas (Cast Defects Spanish)
Mold & Core Test Handbook, 4th Edition
Quality Castings
Microstructure Development During Metalcasting
International Atlas of Casting Defects
Centrifugal Casting
Casting Defects Handbook Aluminum and Copper Set
Campbell on Casting
Designing & Purchasing Metal Castings
Aluminum Permanent Mold Handbook
Inclusions in Aluminum Casting Alloys - Compiled Literature
Casting Magnesium, 2nd Edition
Technology for Magnesium Castings: Design, Products & Applications
Proceedings of the AFS Aluminum Melting Conference, October 10-12, 2011 CD
Best Practices in Aluminum Metalcasting
Solidification Characteristics of Aluminum Alloys Vol 2: Foundry Alloys
Solidification Characteristics of Aluminum Alloys Vol 3: Dendrite Coherency
Patternmaker's Manual
Cast Iron Fatigue Properties Database for Modern Design Methods
Basic Principles of Gating & Risering, 2nd Edition
Introduccion a la Industria de Fundicion de Metales
Principios baísicos del diseno de canales de colada
Metalcasting Principles & Techniques
Metalcasting Principles & Techniques (Softcover Version)
Metalcasting Principles & Techniques: Lab & Safety Manual
Cupola Melting Volume 1: Equipment & Materials
Principles of the Shell Process
Fundamental Core Technology
Principles of Induction Melting
Finishing Castings in the Cleaning Room
Metalcasting Principles & Techniques (Hardcover) and Lab & Safety Manual Set
Metalcasting Principles & Techniques (Softcover) and Lab & Safety Manual Set

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