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EJ Plans New Facility

September 27, 2016

EJ (East Jordan, Michigan) announced it’s planning to move its metalcasting to near Elmira, Michigan.

According to the Petoskey News, the company will upgrade its facilities and “phase out” its current location. The new plant will be “state of the art” and all jobs will be relocated.

 “The new facility will be one of the best new foundries in the U.S. and the world,” Tom Teske, general manager and vice president of the Americas, said according to the Petoskey News. “It will use the best-in-class technology. It will be a ‘smart foundry’ using the best environmental controls.”

The report said Teske said the project is not final, and that details need to be worked out with state and local officials. Teske said the company has been working with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the Northern Lakes Economic Alliance on the project.

According to the report, EJ said it plans to keep its corporate headquarters, pattern shop, product development group, water products and Northern Michigan sales offices at their current locations.

“Our family is very excited about this announcement, and we hope our employees are too,” said Tracy Malpass, president, EJ. “We continuously look for opportunities to improve our business operations across our company. This investment in a new manufacturing facility, utilizing our current workforce, will help ensure the sustainability of our business.”

An artist's rendering of the new facility is shown.