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AFS Launching eLearning & Library Subscription Program

April 13, 2016

AFS and its Institute are introducing a new training and knowledge program that gives businesses full control over their education through a new subscription-based online learning system as well as unlimited access to the world’s largest metalcasting library.

With an AFS eLearning & Library Subscription, which will be launched this summer, organizations will have full access to online training modules for formal staff training or when specific needs arise, plus unlimited access to the AFS Online Library containing more than 40,000 technical papers and articles.

“This gives businesses flexibility in using the high quality, interactive learning elements within the Institute courses at their own pace and within their own training framework,” said Jerry Call, AFS CEO.

In the first year of the program, subscription holders will have access to 20 online learning modules covering topics including casting defect analysis, cast iron and green sand molding, plus a full online Introduction to Metalcasting course.

This exciting new program is being offered only to Corporate Members at a special introductory rate based on the number of employees per facility. For more information, visit

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