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OSHA Develops Tiered Inspection System

October 29, 2015

OSHA has updated its Field Operations Manual (FOM) to reflect changes in how the agency will prioritize inspections. The FOM is a reference document for OSHA field personnel that outlines enforcement policies and procedures in conducting OSHA investigations. The agency is updating how it will evaluate inspections, recognizing that inspections are not all equal and that more-complex inspections deserve more weight.

Under the new system, “Enforcement Units” will be assigned to an inspection; the simplest inspection will be one unit and the most complex inspection could be as many as nine units. With this new Enforcement Weighting System, OSHA will prioritize inspections as follows:

Priority Category
First Imminent Danger
Second Fatality/Catastrophe
Third Complaints/Referrals
Fourth Programmed Inspections

How does this impact foundries? Starting this month, manufacturers can expect to see an increase in the number of complex inspections performed by OSHA. Specifically, OSHA notes that it will perform more inspections involving musculoskeletal disorders, chemical exposures, and process safety management violations. With a greater focus on these complex safety and health inspections, metalcasters should take the time to review their policies and procedures to ensure they meet all OSHA requirements.