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AFS Signs Letter Urging the President to Retain Existing Ozone Standard

July 31, 2015

This week AFS and the state metalcasting groups joined more than 260 associations in signing a letter to the President urging support of maintaining the existing ground-level ozone standard. A copy of the letter is located here. The current standard for ground-level ozone, set in 2008, is 75 parts per billion. The new rules would require states and counties to reduce ground-level ozone to 65-70 parts per billion or risk a host of economic and bureaucratic sanctions. The agency is expected to finalize the rule by Oct. 1

For metalcasting facilities in non-attainment areas (which is most of the country), EPA’s proposed rule would make it harder to get the necessary permits to manufacture castings, increase the cost of energy, and not allow plants to expand production without a reduction of emissions or shutdown of operations from other plants in the area. Plans for new plants and expansion at existing plants would have to be shelved.

An ad featuring the listing of association supporters of the letter will run Thursday and Friday in the New York Times and Washington Post. A copy of the ad can be found at