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House Approves Bills Targeting EPA Regulatory Process

March 26, 2015

The House of Representatives approved a pair of AFS-backed bills intended to reform how scientific data informs EPA regulations. The two measures passed largely along party lines. 

One bill, the Secret Science Reform Act (H.R. 1030), would prohibit EPA from finalizing rules that are based on science that is not “transparent or reproducible.” The legislation also would direct the agency to make publicly available online all the science, data and models used in the development of rules.  

The other measure was H.R. 1029, the EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act (H.R. 1029). It would add new peer-review and conflict-of-interest disclosure requirements for members of EPA’s Science Advisory Board.

While both bills could see floor action in the Senate, they are unlikely to become law. President Obama issued veto threats against each proposal earlier this month.