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Molding Committee Provides Audits to Casting Facilities

June 4, 2014

The AFS 4M Green Sand Committee traveled to Indianapolis in October 2013 for its quarterly committee meeting and Adopt-a-Foundry tour. The mission of the 4M committee is to study all phases of green sand mold production, including both conventional and high-pressure (high density) production techniques, with an emphasis on achieving high-quality cast surfaces and the establishment of tolerance guidelines. One of the ways it achieves this mission is with its Adopt-a-Foundry program, which involves visits to a member foundry to audit its green sand system. 

In the most recent audit, committee members were divided into three groups to focus attention on the plant’s prepared sand, shakeout and testing. Each group was given a tour of the facility’s sand testing lab, metallurgy lab, sand storage, core and molding lines, green sand catacombs, and melting and pouring departments. Common casting defects and sand issues were discussed with each group as well. 

At the conclusion of the tour, each group presented its findings and recommendations for improvement to the foundry’s personnel. Suggestions included eliminating the use of an extra muller, incorporating more moisture to eliminate burnout and bringing in a full-time sand lab technician. The committee compiles its findings into a written report that is submitted to the foundry.  

If your metalcasting facility is in need of a green sand audit, contact Katie Matticks, AFS Technical & Library Services Coordinator, at 847/824-0181 x294 or