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AFS Announces National Awards

December 19, 2013

The American Foundry Society announces recipients of the 2014 AFS Gold Medal, Awards of Scientific Merit and Service Citations, which will be presented at the 118th Metalcasting Congress April 8-11, 2014 in Schaumburg, Ill.

Eugene Muratore, retired, Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium America, Chicago, will receive the prestigious Thomas W. Pangborn Gold Medal for educating and promoting the fundamentals of cast iron melting and processing to the engineering community as well as for service to AFS in both Division 8 (Melting) and Division 5 (Iron). 

“Gene has been an asset to this industry in countless ways, and we are proud to show him our gratitude with AFS’s highest honor,” said AFS Executive Vice President Jerry Call.

Recipients of the Award of Scientific Merit include:

  • Chantal Labrecque, manager, ferrous products research, Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium, for research and technical contributions to the production of ductile iron from thin wall castings to heavy sections.
  • Robert A. Laitar, technical manager, HA International LLC, for contributions to the field of foundry binders for cores and molds, specifically performance and productivity improvements to urethane coldbox and nobake binders, directly affecting the metalcasting industry by reducing casting defects and improving quality.
  • Randall Oehrlein, vice president engineering, Carley Foundry Inc., for demonstrating leadership within the metalcasting industry and his research to explore new technologies and approaches for aluminum casting applications. 

Recipients of an AFS Service Citation include:

  • Michael J. Czaplewski, retired, Milwaukee Chaplet, for outstanding service and dedication to the Wisconsin chapter and his efforts as an ambassador for the American Foundry Society and as a supplier to the metalcasting industry.
  • Patricio Gil, CEO, Blackhawk de Mexico, for dedication and outstanding service to the North Mexico chapter and the national AFS board of directors and for sharing his knowledge, talents and resources for the betterment of the metalcasting industry.
  • Richard McMinn, CEO, Buck Co. Inc., for more than 50 years of dedicated service and support of AFS, the national board of directors, the Institute and the metalcasting industry.
  • B. Lee Tuttle, professor of manufacturing engineering, Kettering Univ., for assisting industry advancements by performing critical research, educating future industry leaders, and providing guidance to both the local chapter and national technical committees.

Headquartered in Schaumburg, Ill., AFS is a not-for-profit technical and management society that has existed since 1896 to provide and promote knowledge and services that strengthen the metalcasting industry for the ultimate benefit of its customers and society.