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Museum Adds Foundry Kit to Its Collection

April 3, 2013

Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry recently purchased a Foundry in a Box kit from the American Foundry Society (AFS). The kit includes everything needed to produce small metal castings including safety and melting equipment, patterns and molding tools.

The kit will be part of the Wanger Family Fab Lab, a workshop for computer-based innovation, design and fabrication.

“It was exciting to learn about the museum’s purchase of Foundry in a Box to be used in the Fab Lab,” said Leo Baran, AFS Director of Membership Services. “Through the guidance and metalcasting experience of the current lab director, the general public—and young people—will have a chance to be exposed to our industry, in a science-specific environment.”

Beginning this year, the lab will offer a program on metalcasting simulation and optimization that utilizes the Foundry in a Box in addition to simulation software. MAGMA Foundry Technologies, Schaumburg, Ill., donated its MAGMA5, casting simulation and optimization software. The five-week program will provide high school students the opportunity to design and produce castings in addition to best safety practices, patternmaking and mold making guidelines. Students also will have the chance to better their castings and smooth out defects through the use of simulation software, which allows them to visualize the flow and solidification of the metal in the mold. A MAGMA representative also worked with the students on casting design.

Following the five-week program, students can share their experiences with museum guests and show off their casting creations.