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Latest Synchro ERP Releases

October 5, 2012

Synchro ERP has a number or recent releases to its software.

The recent releases include:

  • Scheduling Software: Synchro ERP recently released additional functionality to its software to allow users to define family patterns/plates in the system. Modifications to the scheduling module allow for the easy planning of family patterns/plates even where no active orders exist for some of the products forming part of the family.
  • Stacks & Racks Screen: This functionality is built into the system for metalcasters utilizing stack or rack molding and need to be turned on in the Yes/No settings before being configured and used. It allows for different calculations of capacity constraints as required for this type of production. 
  • Frame & Box Register (#2 and #3 combined): These will be new registers to record the availability of frames and boxes used in molding. Once registered, Synchro ERP can link requirements to the molding processes in existing production routes to enable usage scheduling and availability.
  • Molding Box Scheduling: This module allows for the storage of molding boxes in a register which can be comprised optionally of one or more sets of frames, stored in a separate frame register. The boxes then can be allocated to jobs that require them in the scheduler, which will know when they will be released and used for other jobs due to the cycle information stored against each box type.

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