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  • AFS News

    04.15.15: AFS Launches Private Professional Network for Members

    This week, AFS launched its new private social network, CastingConnection, to provide a venue for all AFS individual members and specific membership groups to drive collaboration, ignite conversations and create an invaluable knowledge base that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

  • AFS News

    04.07.15: IJMC Named Official Research Journal of World Foundry Organization

    Published by AFS, IJMC is dedicated to leading the transfer of research and technology for the global metalcasting industry.

  • AFS News

    04.08.15: Eck Industries Inc. Names New CEO

    The board of directors of Eck Industries Inc., Manitowoc, Wis., has announced Ben Grigg as the company’s executive vice president and CEO, effective March 2.

  • AFS News

    04.06.15: Clinkenbeard Named Quality Plant of the Year by Quality Magazine

    Clinkenbeard, Rockford, Ill., was recently selected “Quality Plant of the Year” by Quality Magazine, an annual award that recognizes reduced scrap, rework, warranty, and manufacturing costs; improved productivity or cycle time; increased capacity; and/or improved adherence to quality standards.

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