2016 Casting Competition

Photos of castings submitted to this year's casting competition.


Looking Forward for Metalcasters

Regardless of the results of the upcoming Presidential, Senate, and House elections, the next several years will bring significant changes to the metalcasting industry. The American Foundry Society (AFS)—led by President Jeff Cook of Eagle A...

Industry News

  • AFS News

    10.19.16: Gibbs Investment Will Bring 46 Jobs

    Gibbs will invest in new equipment and building modifications in Henderson. The company supplies aluminum die-cast-and-machined and assembled components for automotive and some non-automotive customers.

  • AFS News

    10.14.16: O'Fallon Casting Breaks Ground on Expansion

    Construction will take approximately 12-16 months and will work around O’Fallon’s schedule so the plant will maintain service and delivery.

  • AFS News

    10.03.16: Sinterite Installs 60,000-lb. Powder Blender

    This blender consists of an opposed/double cone design with a maximum metal powder mix operating capacity of 60,000 lbs and total volume of 450 ft3.

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