March/April 2017

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Editorial: Use Your Resources
S. Wetzel

Design Details: Parting Plane Freedom Aids Consolidation
J. Shah

Knowing When to Switch to Casting, S. Wetzel
Watch for these signs a new manufacturing process is in order and whether the casting process should be considered.

Optimized Durability Prediction of Cast Iron Based on Local Microstructure, C. Thomser, M. Bodenburg, and J. Sturm
A casting design where the application load and weight are optimized is only achievable if the designer can fully unlock the potential of the material.

Inclusions in Permanent Mold Cast Magnesium, A. Elsayed, C. Ravindran, E. Vandersluis, and S. Lun Sin
This research is part of an ongoing effort to increase the use of magnesium alloys to a significant level in the aerospace and automotive industries and to reduce vehicle weight, fuel consumption, and emission of harmful gases.

Cast in North America Heads to Milwaukee, An MCDP Staff Report
At a Glance • Keynote Speakers • Cast in North America ExhibitorsProgram

Fueling Our Society, An MCDP Staff Report
Cast parts are a crucial part of our society. They help us get from place to place and do the jobs that keep our lives and economy moving along. Perhaps no place better represents this than a gas station. Beyond the obvious applications, cast components are everywhere when we refuel.

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