January/February 2017

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Editorial: What’s in a Number?
S. Wetzel

Design Details: Unique Casting Features Lead to Reduced Weight, Costs
J. Shah

Casting 101: Weld Repair of Structural Castings
AFS Technical Department

Cooking With a New Casting, B. Sandalow
A cast iron cooker introduced to the market is challenging traditional kamado grills.

Global Casting Production Stagnant, An MCDP Staff Report
Worldwide casting production grew by half a percent in 2015, making it three years in a row when annual growth was less than 4%.

2017 U.S. Forecast: Most Markets to See Small Gains, An MCDP Staff Report
Following an overall down year for casting shipments in 2015, a moderate increase is expected through 2019.

U.S. Metalcasting at a Glance, An MCDP Staff Report
MCDP breaks down the U.S. metalcasting industry by metal, process, state, value-added services and markets served.

Cast Steel Foam for Lightweight Strength, H. Roshan
A possible breakthrough in casting steel with a foam-like structure could challenge traditional wrought-steel applications.

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