November/December 2016

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EDITORIAL: New Normals. Better Futures.
D. Kurkul

Design Details
: Taking Advantage of Investment Casting
J. Shah

By The Law
: Protecting Against Couterfeiting
D. Resser

Stepping Up to the Challenge
, B. Sandalow
Ductile iron pipe is able to withstand the test of time while being a viable choice for environmental and efficiency reasons.

Using a Complexity Factor to Calculate Cost Benefits of 3-D Sand Printing
, E. Almaghariz, B. Conner, L. Lenner, R. Gullapalli,
G. Manogharan, B. Lamoncha, M. Fanga
A complexity-based cost metric has been developed to analyze decisions for economically viable implementation of 3-D sand printing.

19 Tips for Additive Manufacturing Design
, An MCDP Staff Report
3-D printing offers more design flexibility than traditional manufacturing methods, but it also has some
unique constraints.

Understanding Limitations and the Power of Knowledge
, R. Gundlach
The power of advanced casting technology coupled with efficient and effective design gives the metalcasting industry a bright future.

Sail Away With Castings
, An MCDP Staff Report
Cast parts are critical to the marine industry. They are used in rigging hardware, engine design, and functional applications like anchors, propellers and handles.

The Case for Steel Lost Foam Casting
, M. DeBruin, S. Jordan
Although steel is not currently widely produced with lost foam casting, the method offers many potential benefits and recent work has shown its viability.

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