September/October 2016

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EDITORIAL: Finding the Fun, S. Wetzel

Design Details: Achieving Best Properties in Aluminum Castings, J. Shah

Setting a Standard, B. Sandalow
American Seating produces seats with cast-iron sides that are used in many major stadiums, arenas and ballparks across the country.

Several No-Lead Copper Alloy Options for Water Components, AFS Copper Alloy Division 3
Metalcasters have a variety of no-lead copper alloys to choose from to make cast components for potable water systems, and each alloy requires specific practices when converting from leaded alloys.

Tool Design Meets Challenges, An MCDP Staff Report
When a part’s design is already locked in but proving difficult to produce, the solutions must be found in creative tooling and casting process procedures.

Machined Tooling or 3-D Printing? O. Johnson, T. Mueller, M. Lindberg
Certain conditions in which short lead times and a small production order is required for a complex part can make the case for the use of 3-D printed molds.

Casting Process Modeling Rundown, An MCDP Staff Report
This roundup provides a review of updates to flow modeling software that’s available to casting designers.





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