July/August 2016

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EDITORIAL: Thank You, Goodbye & Good Luck, A.T. Spada

Casting A Solution For Football? B. Sandalow
Zuti Facemasks and Acra Cast are producing a new face mask for football helmets that looks cool and might help the sport reduce concussions.

Team Win: Casting An Achievement for Design, Coordination, B. Sandalow
The drive housing casting for the 9RX 4-Track John Deere tractor was a complicated process aided by teamwork.

10 Questions To Ask Your Casting Supplier, C. Witt, V. Popovski, T. Kayser
These basic questions can help casting buyers decide whether to send a request for a quote to a potential supplier

Industry Roadmap Gives Direction, S. Wetzel
A newly released document identifies the metalcasting industry's gaps in capabilities and identifies the tasks and outcomes required to fill them.

Aluminum Characteristics By Alloy, An MCDP Staff Report
Aluminum casting alloys exhibit their own characteristics, and how they're used and which applications fit the best depends on many factors.

Design Details, J. Shah
Casting Process Aids Design Improvements Within Space Constraint.

Casting 101, AFS Technical Department
Bentonite Clay's Role in Green Sand Systems.


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