May/June 2016

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EDITORIAL: Enhancing My Perspective, A.T. Spada

Casting of the Year, S. Wetzel
Mag Liftgate Cuts Weight, Adds Value.

Design Details, J. Shah
Design Makes Dentist Chairs More Comfortable.

CastExpo Rallies the Supply Chain to Minneapolis, MCDP Staff Report
Attendees from suppliers, metalcasters and end-users convened
in Minnesota for the once-every-three-years event.

Cast-On Machining Locators Save Scrap and Money, S. Seccombe, V. Popovski, R. Rainbolt
Locators are simple features to incorporate in a casting and can
drastically reduce the cost and effort involved in producing and inspecting
complex parts.

Golden Castings, MCDP Staff Report
The Olympics is one of the planet's biggest sporting events
and castings allow athletes to make the biggest memories.

Castings in Action: Oil Field Casting Matches up to the Stress; Pump Housing
Reduces Part Count.

Casting Innovations: Improved Technical Data Package Leads to Better
Casting Source; CADI Knife Outperforms Steel Fabrication.

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