January/February 2016

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Editorial: Showcase Your Design Prowess, A. T. Spada

Design Details: Process Flexibility Accommodates Farm Part Requirement

Putting a Spin on Supply Chain Management, S. Wetzel
Commercial fan manufacturer Big Ass Fans is handling its rapid growth through open relationships with its suppliers.

Modest Growth in Worldwide Market, MCDP Staff Report
Global casting production continued its rise in 2014, showing a 2.3% increase compared to the previous year’s total.

The U.S. Portrait by the Numbers, MCDP Staff Report
MCDP breaks down the U.S. metalcasting industry by material, process, coremaking and value-added capabilities.

Small Gains in Short-Term, MCDP Staff Report
Following an overall down year for casting shipments in 2015, moderate gains are expected through 2016.

A Case for Low Pressure Sand Casting of Aluminum, F. Chiesa and J. Baril
Less common than gravity sand casting and low pressure permanent mold casting, low pressure sand molding holds a combination of advantages for large aluminum castings.

Smooth Moves: Sand’s Impact on Surface Finish, MCDP Staff Report
Different types of sand molds and cores used by your supplier will impact the quality of your castings.

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