November/December 2015

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Editorial: Are You Reaching an Equilibrium? A. T. Spada

Design Details: Sand, Metal Combine for Optimal Molding in Cylinder Head   

Casting 101: Understanding Molten Aluminum to Maximize Casting Properties

Bionic Castings, MCDP Staff Report
Metals and various casting processes are crucial to many important medical developments that have been perceived as miraculous—saving not just lives but also quality of life.

Thin-Walled Die Castings Focus of National Research Project, MCDP Staff Report
Development of vacuum diecasting and a materials engineering model is underway to achieve thin-walled parts without sacrificing strength.

Printing Long, Thin Cores for Aluminum Sand Castings, T. Mueller and L. Andre
While the use of printed sand molds and cores has become increasingly common, two researchers investigated whether longer, thinner cores could hold up during the metalcasting process.

Improving Surface Finishing for Die Castings, J. Miller
Upfront collaboration between casting supplier and end user can improve post-casting processing, from finishing to painting.

Boosting Aluminum Silicon’s Strength, Ductility in Permanent Mold Casting, M. Shamsuzzoha, L. Nastc, D. Weiss and J.T. Berry
Researchers are investigating additional lightweight alloys in permanent mold castings.

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