September/October 2015 MCDP

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Editorial: Can You See the Ding? A. T. Spada

Design Details: Single Casting Replaces 8 Steel Weldments   

Casting 101: Understanding the Shell Molding Process

Emission Reduction Possibilities With Structural Castings, S. Wetzel
Ford Motor Co.’s and Magna International’s multi material lightweight vehicle embodies the full possibilities of weight reduction using lighter materials and the metalcasting process.

Tech Trends for Practical Casting Design, S. Wetzel
A customer’s quality and lead-time issues were solved through the use of new technology for stress analysis and mold-making.

Gaining Value From 3-D Scanning, G. McQuarter
One case study shows how 3-D scanning can trim lead times by quickly developing tooling for and ensuring dimensional accuracy of complex castings.

Solving Customers' Problems, MCDP Staff
Several examples show how metalcasters collaborate with customers on design and process improvements.

New As-Cast Ductile Iron Raises Bar for Properties, S. Mendez, U. Torre, P. Larranaga, R. Suarez & D. Stefanescu
Researchers are developing ductile iron that features properties similar to ADI, without heat treatment.

Single Casting Replaces 8 Steel Weldments
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