2015 Metalcaster Prospectus

The 2015 Metalcaster Prospectus, presented by Metal Casting Design & Purchasing, serves as a tool for buyers and designers when sourcing cast components. Click here to view the full digital edition.

Astech-Alloy Steel Technologies Inc.
Batesville Products Inc.
BRP-Lost Foam Technology
Buck Company Inc.
Carley Foundry Inc.
Charlotte Pipe & Foundry Company
Denison Industries Inc. 
Farrar Corporation
Saguenay Foundry
Jencast-Jensen International, Inc.
Monarch Industries Limited
Non-Ferrous Cast Alloys Inc.
Osco Industries Inc.
Penn-Mar Castings Inc.
St. Marys Foundry
TB Wood’s Inc.
Waupaca Foundry
Signicast Investment Castings

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