March/April 2015

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Editorial: Developing Passion, A. T. Spada

Design Details: Boosting Power With Good Casting Design           

Purchasing Points: The Loss of Experienced Professionals in U.S. Metalcasting

Accuride’s Turn Around, S. Wetzel
The major wheel end component manufacturer saw value in investing in its casting supply businesses to support the corporation’s goal to grow globally.

Looking at Copper’s Many Alloys, An MCDP Staff Report
Versatile and cost-effective, copper and its variety of alloys provide a number of benefits to both casting designers and purchasers.

Online Resource: Gallery of Copper Castings

8 Factors that Affect Lead Times, S. Wetzel   
You want your parts in two weeks. Metalcasting suppliers weigh in on the variables that affect how soon you actually will receive them.

AFS Metalcasting Congress: Bringing the Supply Chain Together, An MCDP Staff Report
The event will take place in Columbus, Ohio, April 21-23.

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