November/December 2014

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Editorial: Share Your Interest in Manufacturing, A. T. Spada

Design Details: Part Consolidation Makes Lost Foam Attractive    

Purchasing Points: Defect Analysis—What Is Your Role?

Sprint to the Finish, D. Kapel
Rapid manufacturing methods streamline low volume production.

Complex Challenge, Rapid Response, N. Leider
Thanks to streamlined simulation, tooling, casting and machining capabilities, an intricate water passage went from purchase order to prototype in just 17 days.

Investment Casting Metal Matrix Composites, P. Mikkola and B. Willson
The design freedoms inherent in investment casting help keep aluminum metal matrix composites cost effective.

Sand Supply: Cause for Concern? D. Jablonski and N. Leider
Necessary for a majority of casting and coremaking operations, sand is a vital material for the industry. Take a closer look at various supply and demand issues that could impact the price of your metal castings.

Choosing Between Permanent Mold & Diecasting, S. Wetzel
The metal molds used in diecasting and permanent mold casting help drive cost, material choice and casting soundness, but each process offers unique advantages.

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