September/October 2014

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Editorial: Metalcasting’s Scientific Formula, A. T. Spada

Design Details: Consolidating Features in an Investment Cast Prototype, J. Shah

Casting 101: Controlling Hardness in Aluminum Castings, S. Robison

Purchasing Points: Value-Added Services, B. Mueller

Castings Go Classical, An MCDP Staff Report
From applications around the orchestra hall to those that actually make music, metal castings play a vital role in ensuring the symphony stays in tune.

Sourcing Metal Castings:
Understanding Part Pricing, D. Charbauski
When to Cast, When to Machine, S. Wetzel
Choosing Between Green Sand & Nobake, An MCDP Staff Report
The Metalcasting Landscape, An MCDP Staff Report

Alloy Breakdown: Ductile & Gray Iron, An MCDP Staff Report
A side-by-side comparison of the two most commonly cast ferrous alloys can help purchasers and designers choose correctly between gray and ductile iron.

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