MCDP July/August 2014

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Editorial: Simple Answers, Tough Execution, A. T. Spada

Design Details: Incorporating Fasteners Saves Assembly Time, J. Shah

Building Better Ships, S. Wetzel
The Navy Metalworking Center collaborated with Lockheed Martin to redesign components as castings in a new type of ship.

Online Resource: Gallery of Aquatic Castings

10 Cost Considerations in Your Castings, An MCDP Staff Report
Purchasing and design professionals have to account for many variables when sourcing metal castings.

Purchasing Points to Serve End Users, An MCDP Staff Report
A compilation of advice on successful supplier-customer relationships from expert casting buyer Bob Mueller Jr.

Casting Conversion Simplifies Ventilation Hub, N. Leider
Pier Foundry converted a complex 34-piece weldment to a single ductile iron casting that saved its mining customer.

Branch Out to Prevent Failures in the Field, T. Schorn
Resolve warranty risk through fault tree analysis.

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