MCDP May/June 2014

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Editorial: Think About Communication, A. T. Spada

Purchasing Points: Added Benefits of Your Metalcaster, B. Mueller

Casting 101: Coatings Can Lead to Surface Issues, S. Robison

Aarrowcast Wins Casting of the Year Award for John Deere Oil Pan, S. Wetzel
The 842-lb. oil pan is a complex conversion that combined a steel fabricated oil pan, frame casting and two steel brackets for reduced weight.

VIDEO RESOURCE: Discussing Aarrowcast’s Winning Casting

Custom Collaboration Yields Rapid Results, D. Kapel
Polaris Industries teamed up with Craft Pattern & Mold to solve a steel fabrication conversion design challenge on a line of custom motorcycles.

Casting Innovations: Torpedo Body Cast With Vertical Pouring Process

Shakeout: Metalcaster Artfully Handles Game of Thrones

Is It Easy Being Green? N. Leider
The metalcasting industry prides itself on its recycling practices. Here’s a look at how metalcasters reduce waste, increase efficiency and operate responsibly.

Cast in North America Connects the Supply Chain, An MCDP Staff Report
Low pressure permanent mold overcasting optimizes part characteristics.

VIDEO RESOURCE: Coverage of the 118th Metalcasting Congress

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