MCDP March/April 2014

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Editorial: A Resurgence Continues, A. T. Spada

Little Things Mean a Lot, D. Kapel
Placing a well-planned job in the right operation cuts casting costs.

14 Costs Affecting Your Casting Price, An MCDP Staff Report
More than metal and other material costs go into the price of your cast component.

ONLINE RESOURCE: More Articles on Estimating Cost

Castings Sustain Communities, D. Kapel
A global charity’s innovation helps HIV/AIDS survivors thrive in Africa.

Hybrid Metal Castings, F. Chiesa, G. Morin, B. Tougas and J.F. Corriveau.
Low pressure permanent mold overcasting optimizes part characteristics.

Supply Chain Automotive Castings in Ample Supply, N. Leider
The average vehicle has castings from myriad metals and processes.


The Show Dedicated to Your Casting, An MCDP Staff Report
Cast In North America includes exhibiting metal casting suppliers & educational sessions for casting design and purchasing.

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