MCDP January/February 2014

MCDP January/February 2014Click here for the full digital edition.

Editorial: Have We Seen the Paradigm Shift? A.T. Spada

The National Perspective, An MCDP Staff Report
MCDP breaks down the U.S. metalcasting industry by material, process and state.

ONLINE RESOURCE: Metalcasting Facilities by State

Steady Rebound from Recession, An MCDP Staff Report
U.S. casting sales are forecast to grow in almost all metals, topping $37 billion in 2016.

47th Census of World Casting Production, An MCDP Staff Report
Annual global casting production has shown continued growth since exceeding prerecession levels in 2011.

Cause and Defects, D. Kapel
Plan ahead to prevent surface flaws in sand cast components.

Testing 1-2-3: Phase Transformations and the Welding of Ultra-High Strength Steels, An MCDP Staff Report
New high strength steels will require knowledge of how thermal processes affect mechanical properties.

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