MCDP November/December 2013

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Editorial: Have We Seen the Paradigm Shift? A.T. Spada

Digital Design and Analysis, B. Galmiche
Noncontact inspection improves metal castings.

Centrifugal’s Force: Beyond Pipe? An MCDP Staff Report
Developments in the centrifugal casting process increase its potential for a wider variety of components.

Freedom Withing Bounds, E. Herman
These pointers will help achieve ideal die casting design.

Printing Possibilities, S.Wetzel                          
Emerging additive manufacturing technology for sand molds and cores removes design constraints and accelerates speed to market.

MEDIA RESOURCE: Hoosier Pattern’s 3-D Sand Printer

Testing 1-2-3: The Impact of Weld Repair on Aluminum Sand Castings, An MCDP Stafn
Researchers investigate the accepted belief that weld repair does not affect mechanical properties of E357 sand castings.

ONLINE RESOURCE: Full Technical Article

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