MCDP September/October 2013

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Editorial: Watch Out, YouTube, A.T. Spada

Innovating Planting for Better Crop Yield, S. Wetzel
A cast ductile iron conversion enabled a new planter to improve seed placement accuracy while operating at faster speeds.

MEDIA RESOURCE: The Kinze Planter

Cast Iron Machinability, S. Lekakh and V. Richards
The effect of aging on material properties determines the optimal machining time.

Heavy Castings in High Science, N. Leider
Two mammoth projects from Midwestern metalcasting facilities aid research into the nature of the universe.

Metal Castings in Mining, D. Kapel
A heavyweight global industry uses many heavy duty components.

MEDIA RESOURCE: Mining Machinery in Action

Testing 1-2-3: Investigating the Machinability of Aluminum-Silicon Cast Alloys, A MCDP Staff Report
A series of drilling tests highlights how microstructural difference can affect machinability and tool wear.

ONLINE RESOURCE: Full Technical Article

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