MCDP July/August 2013

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Editorial: Did You Catch the Significance? A.T. Spada

Collaboration Across the Supply Chain, B. Steffen
Teamwork ensured the success of an investment cast military part.

Cannon Goes Light With Steel Alloy, G. Burrow
Steel’s high yield strength and tolerance of deflection without damage helped keep the weight low in a 15-piece fabrication to casting conversion.

Boosting Quality with PPAP, S. Wetzel
Suppliers verify they will deliver the part as promised with the production part approval process in a quality control plan.

Castings Conquer the Sky, D. Kapel
Aviation uses a wide variety of cast metal components.

MEDIA RESOURCE: Slideshow of Castings in Aviation

Testing 1-2-3: Revealing Local Mechanical Properties in CGI, A MCDP Staff Report
Fine-tuning prediction models to account for variations in microstructure could help unlock the full potential of cast materials.

ONLINE RESOURCE: Full Technical Article

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