MCDP May/June 2013

MCDP May/June 13 CoverEditorial: Relating to the Next Generation, A.T. Spada


Casting of the Year, S. Wetzel
The elegant investment casting incorporates dozens of as-cast features and serves as a stunning example of what is possible in design.

MCTV VIDEO: O'Fallon Casting's Design Details

One Hundred and Fifty-One Parts to Infinity, D. Kapel
Danko Arlington and an innovative team cast a mathematical monument.


Testing 1-2-3: Predicting the Fatigue Life of Aluminum Castings, MCDP Staff Report
Technical specialists with General Motors developed models that account for microstructure constituents and flaws.

ONLINE RESOURCE: Technical research paper on fatigue life.

Cast in North America: Bigger Than Ever, MCDP Staff Report
The growing show for casting designers and buyers featured its biggest exhibit floor yet.

MCTV VIDEO: Coverage of CastExpo'13

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