MCDP January/February 2013

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Editorial: Are You Following GE? A.T. Spada

Streamlining Nuclear Power, S. Wetzel
Converting to a single cast component lowered the total cost of ownership for a nuclear fuel assembly component.

Testing 1-2-3: Helium-Assisted Sand Casting, MCDP Staff Report
Can helium increase cooling rates to achieve a better casting microscructure?

ONLINE RESOURCE: Full technical paper on which the article is based.

U.S. Casting Supply Emerges from Recession, MCDP Staff Report
The 2013 U.S. forecast predicts dramatic growth through 2015.

46th Census of World Casting Production, MCDP Staff Report
World casting production resumed pre-2008 levels in 2011.

ONLINE RESOURCE: Historical look at world casting censuses from past years.

The Domestic Picture, MCDP Staff Report
MCDP breaks down U.S. casting industry numbers.  

ONLINE RESOURCE: Map of the number of metalcasting facilities per U.S. state.

Shakeout: Better Way to Study Ants

ONLINE RESOURCE: YouTube video of Professor Walter Tschinkel making a metal casting out of a giant ant colony.

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