MCDP November/December 2012

MCDP November/December CoverEditorial: Through the Eyes of a Child,
A.T. Spada

Acuity Brands’ Light Idea, S. Wetzel
A new rapid tooling idea sparks this company’s quest for industry-leading lead times.

Online Resource: Audiocast with Acuity Brands senior design engineer, Robert Davis

Quick Turn Castings, D. Kapel
Rapid manufacturing can help buyers secure a leg up on production.

Online Resource: Additional article on rapid tooling.

Casting Conversion Follows Green Initiative, J. Knuerr
A hybrid sports sedan relies on a high pressure diecast transmission housing.

Making the Right Match, C. Thomas
These tips will assist you in choosing the right casting supplier every time.

Testing 1-2-3: Improving ADI with V & NB, MCDP Staff Report
Would microalloying austempered ductile iron provide similiar results as steel austempered with vanadium and niobium?

Online Resource: Technical paper on which the article is based.

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