September/October 2012 MCDP

Sept/Oct 2012 MCDP Cover


Editorial: It's Tough Being a Know-It-All, A.T. Spada

Weighing Machining Cost, S. Wetzel
Determining machining cost requires careful consideration of the alloy grade, casting process, component shape and heat treatment, among other things.

Magwerks, Aristocast Prove the Magic of Magnesium, D. Kapel
Automotive components using lightweight alloys are key as fuel costs rise and efficiency standards tighten. 

Conquering Iron Capacity Challenges
, D. Kapel
Working as a team allows purchasers, designers and metalcasters to overcome production obstacles.

Eliminating Zinc Die Casting Defects, J. Titley
A need for high quality decorative surfaces in zinc die castings means a higher focus on finishing criteria.

Testing 1-2-3: Modeling Microstructure During Heat Treatment, MCDP Staff Report
Recent research investigates whether process simulation can be used to predict local microstructure through casting processes and heat treatment.  

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