July/August 2012 MCDP

MCDP July/August 2012 Cover

Editorial: Farming New Opportunities, A.T. Spada

Great Plains’ Plastic Pattern Experiment, S. Wetzel
The tooling and engineering staff at agricultural manufacturer Great Plains tested the possibility of producing a plastic sand mold pattern on a 3-D printer.

Understanding Material Specifications for Steel Castings, MCDP Staff Report
What material specifications are appropriate for casting steel alloys, and how should they be delivered to your casting supplier?

Nonferrous Alloys Cheat Sheet
, MCDP Staff Report
We have you covered the next time you need a quick reference guide for a nonferrous casting alloy.

Is the Tune of Tooling Changing? S. Wetzel
MCDP sat down with two of North America’s largest tooling suppliers to discuss how their customer relationships have changed and the challenges of meeting the needs of global OEMs and metalcasters.

Testing 1-2-3: Dynamic Fracture Toughness of High Strength Cast Steels, MCDP Staff Report
A team of researchers from the Missouri Univ. of Science and Technology set out to compare the dynamic fracture toughness of four cast steels.

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